About Us

myInertia, founded in 2008, is the product of an established and respected health benefits firm based in Wisconsin. The company is an activity based wellness solution striving to help individuals and companies successfully reach their wellness goals.

Our Mission:

Promoting physical activity. It's our passion and the reason we created the myInertia program. We want to make physical activity part of everyday life. So we designed a system that gives users motivation and feedback in a social environment making physical activity fun, to create healthy life long habits.

We built our successful wellness program by developing top-notch online technology and pairing it with the most accurate and easy-to-use activity monitor device on the market. We help corporations and individual users hurtle over common barriers to achieving fitness, like cost, time and lack of feedback. We strive not only to follow established wellness trends, but to create new wellness trends, with increasing physical activity at the core of all we do.

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