Reach your Wellness Goals

myInertia uses the latest health & wellness technology to create a wellness program that's engaging for employees, measurable for you and fun for everyone. Partnering with us gives you access to a powerful tracking portal, a team of industry experts and year round engagement support.


For many employees, fitting more activity into their daily lives will require a change in habit, time management and focus. myInertia’s proven approach to activity fully engages individuals and helps them reach long-term behavioral change.

Tracking Activity

Allows individuals to see trends in their activity and visualize ongoing progress.

Goal Setting

Studies have shown setting a goal doubles the likelihood of success.


Gives a sense of accomplishment or a push to work harder.

Social Network Support

Provides encouragement, competition, camaraderie & teamwork.


Gets individuals to particpate and stick with the progam.

Easy to Use

No frustration or confusion allows individuals to stay actively engaged.

Providing Variation

Changing up the routine with new challenges, & adventures keeps physical activity fresh.



The myInertia system goes beyond simple activity feedback to engage individuals. Employees can find all the details about your program in one central location, written in your words, with your branding. They simply log in to their personal online account and participate in the initiatives that inspire them. We recognize, record and reward their actions automatically.


myInertia saves time by providing roll-out marketing materials, on-going support, engagement emails, and automatic tracking and calculations. Administrators can easily run organization summary reports that provide objective data for premium differentials, incentives or program evaluation.


MyInertia works with every budget in mind by using cost-saving technology while making it easy to a run a successful wellness program. We have solutions for any budget: from a full employer sponsored plan, to sharing the cost with employees, or an earn back option.

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