Kick Start a Wellness Challenge

A weight challenge allows your company to have a cost effective way to motivate employees quickly and without long-term commitment. You decide on a prize amounts and myInertia provides the data and IT support. It is a twelve-week challenge that requires a myInertia account for each participant, and one InertiaScale per location. Weight challenges are included in the activity package but can also be used as a stand-alone option.


Using competition, accountability and teamwork gives the motivation to individuals to achieve a healthier weight and lifestyle. myInertia provides the tools and support to increase success rates, like real-time leader boards to watch opponents closely and sending automatic weekly e-mail reminders with nutritional and fitness tips.


Participants simply have to step on the InertiaScale and their data is wirelessly and privately uploaded into the system. Because this happens automatically, the human and mathematical component of recording data is eliminated, saving administrators valuable time.


Individuals can remain anonymous and weight loss is calculated in percentage’s for overall teams. The personal online account made for each individual maps out weight loss percentages, tracks BMI automatically and generates an individual graph for feedback, keeping everyone motivated.

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