Solutions for Every Budget

There are a wide variety of ways that the myInertia system can be incorporated into your wellness structure to fit any budget. We customize each wellness budget to succeed the needs of your company while still achieving your wellness objectives.

Pay those
who Play

In an earn-back situation, employees pay the initial cost of the myInertia system but can earn back that cost and more with proven participation. Administrative reports on activity can let you know who is participating and at what level so that you can provide incentives or premium adjustments on insurance.

the Cost

This option can be as simple as the employer paying for the cost of the hardware and the employee paying the monthly fee or vice versa. This is a win-win situation as you can offer an extremely affordable option for both you and your employees.

Employer Paid

Provide the myInertia system as an additional benefit within the benefits portfolio. This option maximizes participation by eliminating costs for your employees. Letting the employees know that wellness is an important part of your work culture.

Cost Considerations

  • myInertia motivates and engages employees anytime and anywhere versus gym membership or Weight Watchers, which require more personal engagement and time
  • The automation of the system saves significant amount of time for administrators to manage the weight and activity challenges
  • Focuses your wellness dollars on the single best thing that anyone can do for their health: exercise
  • Eliminates non-productive time of manual entry by the employees
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