myInertia's wellness team takes your goals, your culture, your initiatives and plugs them into an online wellness portal where they can thrive.

Add myInertia's integrated health devices, like Garmin and others, along with competitive activity challenges, to create the connections and feedback that keep employees engaged.

No matter which initiatives you choose to build your program with, we make it easy to instantly recognize, reward and record employees' participation

What our customers are saying:
  • “I like the whole program! I think it’s a great idea to get people to be more aware of their health, to be physically fit and to be more aware of foods they eat!”
  • “I love the different adventures! To be able to say I am walking the Great Wall of China is so much fun.”
  • “It helps to keep me moving. Who would have thought that a little pedometer could motivate me? If I could tape it to my toe and wear it all the time I would do it!”
  • “I like seeing others progress and wanting to "beat" them each week. Its great motivation!”
  • “There is no manual intervention! I like that I don’t "know" what my steps are until they upload. It forces me to keep moving to ensure I’ve met my personal goal for the day.”
  • “I am a gadget freak and like the wireless downloading of data and the ability to keep a record of progress.”
  • “Very easy to use! Brings about an awareness to moving.”
  • “I love the immediate information, which is presented in easy to understand and creative ways! Graphs & charts are perfect!”
  • “The breakdown of steps, time and distance is great. Also love the new pebble with light up for distance.”
  • “I like tracking each days totals and seeing my personal bests to try to better myself.”
  • “Being part of a group gives me more incentive to be successful in challenges.”
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