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What does Pebble record?

Pebble records running steps, walking steps, distance, and calories. It also records activity time and event time for most activities like walking, running, biking, elliptical, and aerobics classes.

What is Event Time vs. Activity Time?

Activity time is all activity, all day added together regardless of the length of the activity. Event time is continuous movement for a full 10 minutes or longer.

What is the significance of Event Time?

Event time displays one’s progress toward the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommendations of getting 30 minutes daily or 150 minutes weekly of activity. Anytime Pebble moves continuously for 10 minutes or greater that data is displayed in the Event Time chart.

Don’t I get credit if I go for a 9 minute walk?

You get credit in your myInertia account for your 9 minute walk as part of the all day activity time, steps, distance, and calories that walk provided. That walk would not track towards your 30 minute daily or 150 minute weekly Event Time goal

How do I wear the Pebble?

Pebble can be worn two ways: flat with the clip facing forward on shoes or upright with the clip facing down on a belt or waistline.

How does Pebble work for biking and elliptical?

Pebble uses an algorithm that captures the rotations on a bike or elliptical and translates that into activity and event time.

When should I wear Pebble on my shoe vs. my waistband?

The accuracy of Pebble is better on the shoe so it is recommended that it be worn on the shoe as much as possible.

How is Pebble different from other pedometers and devices on the market?

Pebble uses accelerometer technology for accuracy. Pebble is also intended to be worn ALL DAY compared to other automated devices on the market that usually record isolated events only. Just attach Pebble to your shoe or waistband and it’ll start when you take a step and record your activity for the entire day.

Is Pebble waterproof?

Yes, Pebble is waterproof to 100 ft.


How many people can participate in an activity or weight challenge at a time?

myInertia allows for an unlimited number of participants in challenges

Can I be in a challenge with my co-workers at the same time as a challenge with a family member or friend?

myInertia is built on an individual platform which means it can be used by individuals, groups, and corporations. If you are participating at work but know others in the myInertia Community you may compete with them as well.

Are the weigh-ins for the weight competitions anonymous?

Your weight is only visible to you in your personal, private myInertia account. Competition leaderboards display the percent weight change only and are displayed by your screen name. Screen names can be changed at any time.

How often are challenge leaderboards updated?

All activity data and competition standings are done in real time. As soon as your data is uploaded, challenge leaderboards are automatically updated.

Do I need a Pebble to participate in weight monitoring or competitions?

No, you can have a myInertia account that simply lets you monitor weight and participate in weight challenges.

Access Points

How do access points work?

Access points look similar to a USB jump or flash drive. They plug into the USB port of a PC or Mac and are actually radio transceiver modules that securely transmit data from myInertia devices via the internet to your personal, private, and secure myInertia account. For data to transmit, the Access Points must be plugged into a computer with the client software utility. The computer must be on and connected to the Internet.

Where do I find the client software utility?

myInertia provides you with everything that you need, from the step by step instruction sheet to ready customer support. The client software utility is a simple download from the myInertia website.

Does Pebble only upload to my access point?

All Pebbles come with their own access point but any Pebble can upload to any access point anywhere.

myInertia Account

Do I have to log into my account to receive my data?

It is not necessary to log into your account to see your activity data. There is a QuickStats link option for smart phones, as well as text and email message options. The LED light on Pebble will also indicate your progress toward your daily step, distance, calorie, or activity time goal.

Will I be able to see historical as well as current day data?

Data can be viewed hourly, daily, and weekly up to a full year’s worth of data.


Is there an option for spouses or friends to participate?

Yes, spouses and friends can go to the Purchase section of the myInertia website to purchase their own Pebble pedometer, access point, and myInertia subscription.


Can I see the results of what my organization accomplished as a whole?

There are leaderboards that show the results for everyone in a challenge.

Is myInertia a stand alone wellness program or can it be incorporated to an existing program?

Both. myInertia incorporates well into existing wellness programs for weight and activity monitoring or as a stand alone activity and weight wellness plan.

Is there any customization available for myInertia?

Yes, myInertia can be branded for corporations, agents, physicians, and healthcare groups at an additional cost.

I see several Access Point options on your website, how do I know which access point to purchase?

myInertia will provide a facility assessment to determine the suitable number and type of access points for your program.

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