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Welcome to myInertia Select

Your turnkey wellness portal built to deliver simple, engaging wellness to your entire workforce. This best-practice solution makes it easy for you to instantly implement and administer a wellness program employees will love.

Give employees what they want:
Extra motivation for health improvement
A workplace that cares about their wellbeing
Cutting-edge fun with fitness trackers
An easy to understand program design
Deliver the results your business needs:
More engaged / happier employees
Higher retention and attraction rates
Lower healthcare costs
Time-saving administration processes

all at one affordable price

Pricing is based on your number of eligible employees. There are no hidden fees or extra costs for implementation of this core product.

pricing examples:

# of employees
eligible: 100
annual cost
# of employees
eligible: 450
annual cost
# of employees
eligible: 1,250
annual cost
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Looking for something more tailored?  Or only want to run a corporate activity challenge?

Administration is a breeze with myInertia Select

Simply sign up for the portal, download the adminstration handbook, distribute registration codes to employees & go.

Our proven model will run itself, collecting wearable data, awarding points and generating reports automatically. From there you can decide on the awards/incentive structure of your choice.

You’ll also have direct access to our expert support team, who will handle all employee portal and device questions.

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What's Included


1. An account & mobile app for each employee

The modern, easy-to-use, online experience puts all the tools employees need for success at their finger tips.

They can track personal health goals, earn points for their actions and interact with colleagues in challenges and leaderboards.


2. Integration with the top 3 wearable brands: Garmin, Fitbit & Apple Watch

Fitness trackers play an important part in driving population engagement. They automate the data collection for your program and are proven to support behavior change principles like: awareness, immediate feedback, achievement of short-term goals and supporting social connections.

We chose these top three brands in the wearable space to offer stability and more control of the data collected.


3. Unlimited build-your-own physical activity challenges

Challenges allow you to motivate and build new social interactions within your workplace. That's why you get unlimited access to build-your-own challenges. You can pick from our catalog of options, or build one completely unique to your culture.


4. The Wellness Outlet, a discounted wearables store.

To help you get devices into your employee’s hands, our Select plan includes complementary access to The Wellness Outlet. Our online store features exclusive discounts, hassle-free fulfillment directly to your employees, and free shipping.

We also provide the ability to reward employees with further discounts by offering subsidies of any dollar amount. We’ll even give you a discount on plan pricing if you do!

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5. A points-tracking Scorecard, featuring high-impact initiatives.

Empower personal choice and consistent participation using our incentive-driven scorecard fueled by earning points. The portal automatically awards employees for:

  1. Hitting a daily physical activity goal
  2. Submitting a Health Pulse questionnaire
  3. Completing an annual physical
  4. Learning about targeted nutrition topics
  5. Participating in stress-less meditation exercises
  6. Weight monitoring
  7. Providing program feedback
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there monthly maintenance fees or charges as new employees come onboard during the program year?

There are no extra fees or hidden charges, including for new employees. We believe in simplicity and pricing transparency. We set your annual fee based on your current eligible employee count.

Can spouses participate in the program?

Yes! Spouses can participate at no additional cost. All components of the program are available to spouses. However, reports will contain results for all participants – data is not separated into employee and spouse buckets.

How does the incentive structure work?

We set the points structure via our turnkey model, and you are free to fit to any incentive approach of your choice. We offer four levels of employee achievement – participating, bronze, silver, and gold. You can award at each level or chose to only award for hitting the gold-level.

What sets myInertia Select ahead of competitors?

We help you achieve true, meaningful employee engagement by providing a program that is simple to implement and manage. myInertia Select is affordable, turnkey and effective. This trifecta provides a value that our competitors have a difficult time touching.

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